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Permobil Connect: My Permobil User App

Clinical Applications and Justification of BodiLink Accessories

Permobil Connect: Fleet Management

Clinical Applications and Justification for Lateral Trunk Supports

Permobil Connect: Managing your health using the Virtual Seating Coach

Clinical Applications and Justification for Lateral Upper Leg (Thigh) Supports

Permobil Connect: How it Promotes your Good Health

Justification for Head Supports

Permobil Connect: An Introduction

Q & A Series: Specific Products and Fit Part 2

Q & A's: Specific Products and Proper Fit Part 1

Q & A's: Insurance and Reimbursement Part 2

Q & A's: Insurance and Reimbursement Part 1

Recognizing a Windswept Deformity During a Mat Evaluation

Pelvic Rotation: Palpating the Pelvis

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Palpating the Pelvis

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: Palpating the Pelvis

The Case for 24/7 Posture Care

Pelvic Obliquity: Palpating the Pelvis

24 Hour Posture: The Link Between Sitting and Lying Postures

Performing the mat evaluation: Palpating bony landmarks

Constant Gravity: The Effects of Lying Down on Posture

Why Building a Relationship with your Local DME Supplier or Distributor's Representative is Important

Wheelchair Seating: It Can Only Do So Much

LTC Seating and Positioning Guide Conclusion

When to add wheelchair accessories in Long Term Care

I'll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair

How to Measure for a Wheelchair: A Quick Measuring Guide

The Great Elevating Leg Rest Myth

Postural Evaluation in Sitting: Let Your Hands Mimic the Possibilities

How to choose a specialized back support in Long Term Care

The Wheelchair Evaluation: The “Atypical” Physical Assessment

The Common Postural Abnormalities Seen in Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

The Wheelchair Evaluation: The “Typical” Physical Assessment

How to Choose a Cushion in Long Term Care

The Wheelchair Evaluation: Where Do I Start?

How to Measure for Properly Fitting Wheelchair Components: Specific Measurements

Efficiency in Documenting Medical Necessity for Wheelchairs and Their Components, Part 1

How to Measure for Properly Fitting Wheelchair Components: Steps of a Seating Evaluation

Clarifying the “Gray Area”: Who Qualifies for Wheeled Mobility?

Why is wheelchair seating and positioning important for our residents?

Thinking Outside the Box: Considerations for Wheeled Mobility

Fowler’s Position: Beyond the Bed

Upgrading Adaptive Athlete David Poole's Handcycle & Bucket Bike

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Head Support

The Missing Piece in Wound Care: Beyond the Bed

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Armrest

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Leg Rest

2017 Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Back Support

Issues with Current Wheelchair System: Seat-to-Floor Height

Incorrect Seat Dimensions: Could this be the true culprit of poor posture in the wheelchair?

Windswept Posture: Symptoms and treatment through wheelchair positioning

Just A Heads Up: Problems with Poor Head Positioning

Fixed vs Flexible Postural Abnormalities: Accommodate or correct postural problems

Pelvic Rotation: Symptoms & Treatment Through Wheelchair Positioning

Pelvic Obliquity: Definition, Symptoms and Solutions

Donation changes family's life: A pediatric wheelchair with an adaptive seating system

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Causes and Solutions through Wheelchair Positioning

Posterior Pelvic Tilt: The Correction of Sacral Sitting

Posture Problems: How proper wheelchair positioning can prevent Anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, pelvic obliquity, and pelvic rotation

Are We Over-Prescribing Custom Contoured Seating?

The Best Wheelchair Options in Long Term Care

Dementia: Using Wheelchair Positioning To Alleviate Pain

Top 5 Reasons to use an Adjustable Wheelchair Back Support System

Dementia: Safety Issues in Seating and Positioning

Dementia: Sleeping Pattern Changes and Wheelchair Positioning

Dementia: Choosing the Correct Wheelchair When Dealing With Motor Issues

Dementia: Preventing Wound Development

Dementia: Seating & Positioning Best Practices for Changes in Temperament

Dementia: Understanding Functional Loss in Your Resident

Dementia: What Part of the Brain is Under Attack?

Wheelchair Seating Considerations: Impaired Sensation & Respiration

Understanding Dementia: NOT Just Memory Loss

Progressive Weakness: A Classic Symptom of a Progressive Neurological Disorder

Progressive Neurological Disorders: Wheelchair Seating Considerations for the Initial Therapy Evaluation

Wheelchair Seating Considerations: Progressive Neurological Disorders

Long Term Care: Is there such thing as a "perfect" seating system?

Wound Development: So Much More Than Pressure

Standard Leg Rests vs Elevating Leg Rests: The Better Choice

Edema Control: Why Elevating Leg Rests are not the best option

MYTH: New Cushions Solve All Seating Issues

Wheelchair Positioning Misconception: Asymmetry is BAD

Wheelchair Positioning Misconception: Always Strive for 90-90-90

Why K0001/K0002 Chairs are NOT the Economical Choice in Long Term Care

10 Common Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Misconceptions in LTC

Wound Care: Controlling Microclimate

Wound Care: Why Microclimate is so Dangerous

Wound Care: How To Fight Shear

Wound Care: Understanding Shear

Choosing the Right Cushion: Minimize Prolonged Pressure & Fight Wound Development

Staging Wounds: Pressure Ulcer vs Pressure Injury

Prolonged Pressure: A Key Factor in Wound Development

How To Identify What Causes Wounds [in LTC Setting]

Clinical Benefits of Comfort Company Wheelchair Back Supports on Power

What Wounds in the Nursing Home Can End Up Costing You

Accessible Travel Made Easy with brettapproved™

5 Common Mistakes Made When Pressure Mapping Wheelchair Cushions

4 Reasons to Pressure Map Wheelchair Cushions

WHEELCHAIR CUSHIONS: Healing Pressure Ulcers by Addressing SHEAR

Using Shear Reduction to Fight Pressure Ulcers

Gerber Amputee Support Alternative

Accommodating for Kyphosis: problem solved!

Flexion Footbox™: Wheelchair Foot Care Positioning

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