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Permobil Blog / May 19, 2022

Vicair® Active O2: Adjustable Skin Protection & Positioning Cushion

Previously we discussed Vicair® adjustable skin protection cushions focusing on what makes Vicair® unique, how SmartCell technology works, and how Vicair® can address positioning needs. Today we are continuing our Vicair® series by taking a closer look at the Vicair® Active O2 cushion.

The Vicair® Active O2 is coded as Medicare code E2624/25 – Adjustable Skin Protection & Positioning cushion.

It is a pre-contoured hybrid air and foam cushion with 4 compartments of SmartCells in the rear of the cushion and a mildly pre-contoured foam inlay in the front.

The 4 rear adjustable compartments provide skin protection and reduce pressure in the Ischial-coccyx area as well as load the trochanters resulting in:

  • increased pelvic stability
  • create the deeper pelvic well for partial offloading of the ischial tuberosities, sacrum and coccyx


The Active O2 is recommended for:

  • users with a history of, currently have, or are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown and/or any stage pressure injury
  • users with normal or impaired sensation
  • users with pelvic and trunk weakness and fatigue as the contouring as well as the shape of the SmartCells provide a stability and alignment
  • users needing assistance with transfers as the stability of the cushion increase ease of pushing up from the cushion or using a sliding board

Features/benefits of the Active O2 include:

  • the cushion is adjustable to shape, weight, and changes in an individual’s position over time due to the SmartCells moving with every micro-movement of the user as discussed in the first blog of this series
  • the cushion has a perforated liner, making it inherently breathable and may help with temperature and moisture control
  • the cushion is lightweight, adding little weight to entire mobility system which could reduce repetitive strain injuries and increase independence with mobility
  • The cushion comes apart easily for cleaning and disinfection. The rear compartments with SmartCell technololgy and cover can be machine washed for easy cleaning and disinfection. The foam inlay comes with an incontinence liner to protect the foam and can be easily wiped cleaned or the liner can be removed for washing
  • Built ready to use, straight out of the box with no set up required.


Application and adjustability of the Active O2

First, positioning. The Vicair® Active O2 is a pre-contoured hybrid air and foam cushion with 4 compartments of SmartCells in the rear of the cushion and pre-contoured foam in the front.


  1. Foam front assists with transfers and limits sliding forward
  2. Rear compartments load the trochanters resulting in increased pelvic stability and help create the pelvic well.
  3. Rear middle compartments minimizes pressure in the coccygeal/ischial zone.

As with the Vector O2, the outer compartments of SmartCells of the Active O2 are also higher to create shelves that support the greater trochanters and lock the femoral head into its acetabulum to increase pelvic stability. By stabilizing a weak pelvis and/or trunk and promoting an upright posture, greater endurance for upright sitting, longer sitting tolerance and enhancing the ability to perform daily tasks may result.

As well, since these outer compartments are purposefully higher than the two medial rear compartments, a deeper pelvic well is created to partially offload the high risk areas for pressure injury: the ischial tuberosities, sacrum and coccyx.

These 4 rear compartments can be adjusted by adding or subtracting SmartCells to accommodate or correct various postural asymmetries such as an obliquity or rotation of the pelvis. Once set up by a therapist, there is no need for caregiver modifications to the cushion for further positioning needs, making staff training simple.

Mid way up the cushion there is a transition to a stable, mildly contoured foam surface which will support the lower extremities and aide with transfers.

As well, the pre-contoured foam inlay through its mild contours creates leg troughs, allowing for greater femoral contact to redirect pressure off the pelvis and onto the lower extremities.


The Active O2 comes in 2 profiles:

  • Standard profile which is 4 inches in height
  • Low profile which is 2 inches in height

The low profile might be a good option for individuals that are foot propellers that need to be closer to the ground. Without this lower seat-to-floor-height, the user may have a hard time getting a good heel strike without compromising pelvic positioning. Often times, if the seat-to floor-height is too high, the user slides into a posterior pelvic tilt or a pelvic obliquity to reach the floor better. And the low profile still has sufficient immersion to be coded as a skin protection product!

In summary if a user transfers often and has an active lifestyle where stability is a must but still needs the benefits of a quality skin protection and positioning cushion, then the Vicair® Active O2 is a great option!


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Ana Endsjo has worked as an occupational therapist since 2001 in a variety of treatment settings. She has mainly worked with the geriatric population, dedicated to the betterment of the treatment of the elderly in long term care centers. Her focus has been on seating and positioning and contracture management of the nursing home resident. With this experience, her hope is to guide other therapists, rehab directors, nurses, and administrators through educational guides, blogs, webinars, and live courses in her role as National Education Manager - Long Term



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