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Permobil Blog / December 1, 2022

ActiveHeight™: Your world within reach

ActiveHeight™: Your world within reach

This is the second blog in our two-post series on ActiveReach and ActiveHeight. Check out the 1st blog for more information on ActiveReach forward tilt.


Permobil_M5_ActiveHeightActiveHeight refers to raising and lowering of the overall seat height of a power wheelchair and is also known as power adjustable seat height or power seat elevate. For Permobil power wheelchairs, the seating system can elevate up to 14” depending on the chair model selected. ActiveHeight also features three points of contact, and the seating system shifts rearward 3.5” as the system elevates. Why does this matter? It provides maximum stability and a smaller footprint so you can reach for more.


Potential health benefits

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ActiveHeight helps you get closer to objects in your environment, which may:

  • Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • Help manage existing pain caused by overhead reaching
  • Help compensate for limited strength or range of motion
  • Reduce neck pain associated with frequently looking up at people and objects in the environment

Social engagement

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More easily engage with people who are in a standing position by:

  • Making more direct eye contact
  • Experiencing improved line of sight in crowded environments such as concerts
  • Improving your visibility to others. 
Functional activities

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There are numerous potential functional benefits with ActiveHeight: 

  • Adapt to different bed or surface heights for transfers 
  • Look through a door viewer to see who is at your door 
  • Manage a variety of door lock heights or access a thermostat in your home 
  • Reach items in the top of a closet at home/work, or on a higher shelf while grocery shopping 
  • Independently reach elevator buttons 
  • Access raised counters at home (for eating or cooking) or in the community (for banking, customer service desks, hotel check in, eating out) 
  • Crossing the street in an elevated position may improve your visibility and safety


Are you interested in learning more about how ActiveReach and ActiveHeight could make a difference in your life? Click here.

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Permobil Clinical Education Team

This information comes from the Permobil Clinical Education team which consists of a group of Occupational and Physical Therapists. Click here to learn more about Permobil clinical education team.


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