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Permobil Blog / December 14, 2023

Permobil presents the 2023 CPF accessible holiday gift guide

Permobil presents the 2023 CPF accessible holiday gift guide

Permobil is excited to present The 2023 Cerebral Palsy Foundation Accessible Holiday Gift Guide, filled with an array of thoughtful and inclusive gift options for individuals with cerebral palsy or related disabilities. The folks at the CPF have carefully curated a selection of special gifts that cater to different age groups and stages of life. Whether you're searching for a practical aid to simplify daily tasks or a delightful surprise, the CPF holiday gift guide is here to assist you.

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when considering the unique needs and preferences of individuals with disabilities. The guide features items from various categories, ensuring there is something for everyone. From assistive devices that enhance independence in dressing, cooking, or operating electronics, to purely fun and enjoyable items that bring joy to your loved ones' lives, the 2023 accessible holiday gift guide has it all.

Sylvia Aquarium Explorer MiniExplorer Mini, featured in the 2023 guide

In addition to the wide variety of gifts, the 2023 accessible holiday gift guide introduces a new category: experiences. There are numerous fun and exciting accessible experiences throughout the country for you to consider, and our guide includes a range of ideas to inspire you. Why not surprise your loved one with an unforgettable adventure?

In our last episode of season one of the Wheelchair Nerds podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jen Lyman, the Resource Content Manager for the CPF. She shared with us how the CPF started creating an annual accessible holiday gift guide to assist families and friends in finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones with cerebral palsy. This guide is a collaborative effort, with input from researchers, therapists, assistive technology professionals, and influencers who recommend products to be included.

So, whether you are searching for a practical aid or a delightful surprise, let our 2023 Accessible Holiday Gift Guide be your go-to resource. With its diverse selection, convenient purchase links, and discount codes, you can find the perfect gift to make this holiday season truly special. 

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