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Permobil Blog / September 7, 2021

Flowing Air: ROHO Cushions

Flowing Air: ROHO Cushions

Looking for more information on seating and positioning? Check out our digital page all about what to look for in seating and positioning products here. This is part 7 of our series on seating and positioning. See part 1part 2part 3part 4, and part 5, and part 6.


ROHO cushions are air filled cushions constructed from a proprietary blend of neoprene formulated specifically for our cushions that has been perfected over our almost 50 year history manufacturing in Belleville, Illinois. Over the years, many cell heights and configurations have been produced to provide supreme pressure distribution via envelopment and immersion of the body into the product.

Flowing air also means fluid property rather than a static property.

ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® technology is based on hydrostatics, which is a branch of physics that deals with fluids at rest and under pressure. An example of this would be if you are a scuba diver or submerged in water, the pressure is equalized around the body and therefore the body is not at risk for skin breakdown. This technology follows four fundamentals for ensuring skin and soft tissue protection.

See this video on how it works:


Four Fundamentals of DRY FLOATATION

  1. Lets you in (low surface tension) Our unique design lets you easily sink into the cushion, reducing pressure and discomfort to your skin and soft tissues
  2. Matches your shape (constant restoring forces) ROHO’s flexible cells provide constant and even forces across all contact areas with the body.
  3. Moves with you (six degrees of freedom) No matter what you are doing, your ROHO cushion will adapt to your every position throughout the day and over time.
  4. Works with you, not against you (low friction and shear) Nothing feels like a ROHO cushion. The smooth surface reduces shear and friction without compromising your safety and comfort.

With most ROHO cushions (air-flowing):

  • Skin protection is done through immersion & envelopment.
  • Positioning is achieved through different mechanisms like multiple cell heights and the ISOFLO memory control®.
  • Stability is achieved with the ISOFLO memory control, cell contouring and multiple valves.
  • Adjustable to shape, weight and position over time.


Want more information on Permobil's seating solutions? Check out our digital page all about what to look for in seating and positioning products here. Join us next time in our series as we take a look at the non-flowing air cushions.

Key attributes of wheelchair seat cushion



Tricia Garven, MPT, ATP
Regional Clinical Education Manager

Tricia is currently a Regional Clinical Education Manager at Permobil. Prior to joining the clinical team at Permobil, she was in a similar role as the Clinical Applications Manager for ROHO. Previously, in clinical practice, Tricia specialized in neuro rehabilitation at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation (BIR) in Dallas, Texas. While working at BIR, she gained extensive knowledge in the prescription and training of custom wheelchairs and seating. She also worked as the outpatient wheelchair seating clinic specialist. Now with Permobil, Tricia is presenting educational programs to therapists and DME providers regarding seating, mobility and pressure ulcer prevention. Tricia is an active member of RESNA, Clinician’s Task Force, and the APTA. Within the APTA, Tricia is a member of the Neurology Section as well on the nominating committee for the newly formed AT-SWM SIG.


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