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Permobil Blog / January 4, 2024

Innovating for manual wheelchairs: CR1 unique features

The TiLite CR1, launched by Permobil in October, is a remarkable manual wheelchair that combines design, efficiency, and function in a stunning custom carbon fiber frame. While there are other carbon fiber frame wheelchairs available in the market, the CR1 uniquely stands out.
One of the primary features of the TiLite CR1 is the unique frame design with its dual-angled front end and ovalized tube profile. The frame's downtube has an additional bend, allowing users to get closer to other surfaces for easier transfers. This unique design also allows where the caster arms connect to the sideframe to be further back in space, providing improved access in tight areas. The elongated, ovalized tubing not only helps to minimize the frame flex and energy loss through the knee bend but offers a larger and flatter surface for the user's legs to rest against. It's all about making mobility as effortless, convenient and comfortable as possible.
Another remarkable feature of the TiLite CR1 is its integrated fold-down backrest. Achieving the perfect balance between weight savings and functionality was the greatest challenge during the design process. To overcome this, custom-profiled side guards were incorporated into the frame, serving as structural members that securely hold the backrest in place. This ingenious design allows users to unlock and fold down the backrest with the sideguards still attached for easy transportation, if they desire. And if they don't, it is a feature they don't ever have to use.
The TiLite CR1 is truly a product that has been crafted with user experience in mind. Permobil has taken the time to understand the needs of wheelchair users and has created a manual wheelchair that not only meets those needs but exceeds expectations. The attention to detail, from the dual-angled front end to the integrated fold-down backrest, sets the TiLite CR1 apart from other wheelchairs on the market.

Doug GarvenDoug Garven
Principal Product Manager, Permobil Americas

With a wealth of experience spanning three decades, Doug Garven has dedicated his career to designing innovative wheelchairs. He began his journey with Everest and Jennings before joining TiLite in January 2009, where he became head of Product Design in 2011. In a significant development, Permobil acquired TiLite in 2014, further cementing Doug's expertise and contribution to the industry.



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