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Power your push, your way with power assist!

The power assist solution, Permobil SmartDrive, is controlled through fully programmable SwitchControl buttons and/or any one of our wearable solutions,...

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Is my wheelchair still working for me?

You have the perfect wheelchair set up, but what if something changes?

A multitude of scenarios may lead to the need to return to your doctor and/or your...

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Types of Power Assist Devices

This is the 15th blog and last blog in our manual wheelchair guide series. See the  1st blog 2nd blog 3rd blog 4th blog 5th blog 6th blog
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K0005 Configuration: Footrest Width and Seat Sling Depth

This is the 9th blog in our manual wheelchair guide series. See the 1st blog, 2nd blog3rd blog4th blog5th blog6th blog, 7th blog, and 8th blog...

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Abilities Virtual Interview with Chuck Witkowski & Paul Amadeus Lane

Permobil has attended and supported the Abilities Expo for a number of years. So when the event for the disability community moved from an in-person...

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A Year in Review: Permobil Webinar Series 2020

It's safe to say this last year has been out of the ordinary. This has created many new challenges, requiring us all to adopt new ways of working. To help...

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A SmartDrive Interview with Brandon Oney

Since we have launched the PushTracker E2 and SwitchControl, we hope more people have been able to integrate a power assist device into their manual...

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Announcing Free CEU Courses & Webinars Through Permobil Academy

It's safe to say that everyone has been affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This has created many new challenges, requiring us all to adopt new...

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SmartDrive MX2+ App Update: Improved PushTracker E2 Performance

As an occupational therapist who worked in seating clinics throughout my career, I always appreciated technologies that were innovative and improved by...
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Rolling Wisely: How To Mindfully Move With A Spinal Cord Injury

When describing how I manage and live with a spinal cord injury, I often use the term "mindful movement." I have come to understand that I must be aware...

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