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Permobil On-Demand Product Webinars

Our webinars are product-related and intended to provide you with the best way to apply and utilize Permobil products in your practice. Because specific products are mentioned, there will be no CEUs provided for this type of webinar. 

Permobil White Paper: A summary of the evidence on power standing wheelchairs, 2023 update

This webinar covers the exciting content in the 2023 update of the Permobil White Paper on power standing wheelchairs. Our white paper is an extensive resource, and this webinar will breakdown the components and how they may be useful to you. There is something for everyone within the pages of this paper no matter your level of experience with power standing wheelchairs. 

Scientific Report: Guidance to individualized cushion selection based on performance metrics

In this webinar, you will hear about the grant-funded testing performed by the experts at the University of Pittsburgh, followed by an in-depth look at the performance metrics. Then we discuss how a clinician or practitioner can utilize this standardized testing as part of the decision-making process when determining what sitting surface will match an individual's needs. 

The Faces of SmartDrive: Alternative Applications

During this webinar Heather Cianciolo and Mauricio Arredondo explore ways SmartDrive can help people who use manual wheelchairs and propel themselves in non-traditional manners. Learn what types of configurations and settings might better fit users who foot-propel, use one-arm drive systems, tilt-in-space chairs, and even pediatrics users!

ROHO: What's in a name?

During the webinar, we chat with physical therapist, Tricia Garven, who has been providing ROHO Clinical Education for over 15 years. We hear why its science and technology continue to lead the industry. We also talk with Bobby Brown, who shares his personal experiences with ROHO products and how this has affected his life as a wheelchair user. 

Considerations for Maneuvering Through School in a Wheelchair

From potential physical barriers, modifications for accessing curriculum, to enhancing perceptions of the student’s abilities there are many opportunities for fostering successful outcomes for students who utilize wheelchairs. Watch the webinar we share experiences and ideas for helping students maneuver through school in a wheelchair.  

Stand for More: It's Time to Rise to the Occasion!

In this webinar, we bring members of the original panel back together alongside our internal government affairs expert to discuss exciting industry updates related to access to critical power seat functions and learn how YOU can help influence change.

Considerations for Alternative Drive Control Selection and New Permobil Solutions!

When selecting an alternative drive control, finding the right match based on an individual's unique goals and abilities is key to a successful outcome. Join us as we highlight consumer and clinical perspectives on alternative drive control selection. 

Permobil White Paper: A systematic review of the evidence on power assist devices

Permobil presents a new White Paper on the review of the evidence for power assist devices. In this webinar, presenters will discuss the purpose and development of power assist devices and address the variety of power assist solutions currently available. 

Introducing the SpeedControl Dial for SmartDrive

SmartDrive has an exciting new controller option, the SpeedControl Dial. Watch the webinar to learn more about this new controller option and how you can easily start, stop, and change your speed on-the-go. 

Vicair O2 Cushion Technology and Clinical Application

During this webinar, the innovative air technology behind the Vicair® O2 Cushion line is discussed. Learn how it is different from traditional air options on the market. As well, clinical applications and benefits will be explained for the three Vicair® cushions within the Permobil Portfolio. 

SmartDrive on Apple Watch and PushTracker E3

This webinar highlights the latest SmartDrive wearable updates, including the app for Apple Watch. This webinar also features Chanda Hagen who shares her experience using SmartDrive in her everyday life.

Stand for More

This 1-hour webinar features an interactive panel discussion highlighting why it’s important to consider power standing as a critical component in addressing overall health and life participation for individuals who utilize power mobility.

Announcing "A Guideline for Introducing Powered Mobility to Infants and Toddlers"

This one-hour webinar focuses on how this interdisciplinary guideline can be an evidence-based resource for all team members who are involved in the provision of assistive technology and powered mobility.

A conversation with Andrea Dalzell: pushing the NYC marathon, advocacy, and ultra lightweight wheelchairs

This webinar discusses pushing the New York marathon, the importance of an ultra lightweight wheelchair, and being an advocate for yourself

Finding and programming the perfect position

This 1-hour webinar focusing on the clinical rationale and the programming how-to behind Permobil’s unique power seat functions including ActiveReach, IRM (Independent Repositioning Mode) and Memory Seating.

Global White Paper: A systematic review of the evidence for power standing wheelchairs

Permobil, with over 44 years of experience innovating and manufacturing standing power wheelchairs, has published a new white paper examining these benefits thanks to the efforts of a global clinical education and research team.

Introducing the Permobil Consumer Guide: A resource to navigate equipment selection

This webinar will highlight an educational resource: The Wheelchair Handbook: A consumer's guide to seating and mobility equipment

ActiveReach: Find your perfect position

Power seat functions, including ActiveReach, are vital for everyday life participation and health for many wheelchair users. Every person is unique, and ActiveReach is another example of how Permobil designs solutions ready to adapt to individual needs.

Made for More! Permobil + Veterans and the VA

During this webinar we will discuss this standard Permobil power wheelchair technology, newly available to Veterans and the VA. We will discuss how its value-added functionality can benefit Veterans, VA Clinicians, and Service Providers across the country.

Power your push, your way, with the latest SmartDrive enhancements

SmartDrive is a proactive approach to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and increase the opportunity for more activity (not less!). Join us for this 1 hour webinar to hear more about power assist benefits, learn all about SmartDrive’s latest enhancements. 

Permobil Cushion Solutions: attributes of great seating

This webinar will focus on Permobil cushion solutions; which include Comfort, ROHO & Vicair. Product positioning through the attributes of great seating and product medium will help in selecting the appropriate cushion based on individual need. We will also review a new digital tool to assist in the cushion decision process.

Applying the NPIAP Guidelines to Clinical Practice for Wheelchair Seating

We discuss the Wheelchair Seating Pocket Guide that was created in a partnership between Permobil and the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP). We will look at recommendations on patient screenings and referrals as well as product selection to take skin protection to the next level in your organization.

Permobil + LUCI: Improving veteran's lives through advanced technology

This webinar will highlight the recent partnership of Permobil and LUCI, as well as discuss Permobil’s unmatched relationships with the VA through conversations with members of the Permobil family.

Permobil Explorer Mini: Stories of Success

This webinar will provide success stories related to Explorer Mini. Explorer Mini has brought excitement, movement, and mobility to many families throughout the last year.

Your new Permobil power wheelchair is ready...how to fine-tune the settings for you

This webinar will focus on the technical, programming and display parameters that are important to set up during or shortly after the dispense of a new Permobil power wheelchair.

Expect more from your cushion: Introducing the new ROHO Hybrid Select Cushion

This webinar takes a look at the ROHO® Hybrid Select, an exciting new hybrid seating solution by Permobil.

The power of preparation: What to consider for a wheelchair evaluation

This webinar is designed to inform consumers on how to attend a seating and mobility evaluation feeling prepared to have discussions about equipment selection.

Made for more: the 2021 M-Series

This webinar will introduce the new 2021 M-Series. We will explore key concepts relating to mid-wheel drive suspension performance, power positioning to enhance function, and advanced technology that enables end-users to travel farther with confidence.

Rugged and reliable: Permobil heavy duty product solutions

This 1-hour webinar will review the extensive product offering that Permobil seating and mobility solutions can provide for people who are people living in larger bodies.

Permobil custom seating and positioning solutions

This webinar will review important elements of the evaluation and justification process when custom solutions are recommended. We will examine Permobil's custom seating and positioning products.

Beyond the set-up: SmartDrive PushTracker E2 & SwitchControl updates with next level tips

This webinar highlights recent and ongoing updates for the PushTracker E2 and how to get more out of the PushTracker E2 by reviewing some of the less talked about features.

Permobil F5 Corpus VS: Stand without compromise

Watch the webinar highlighting the benefits of selecting the Permobil F5 VS as your power standing solution. We discuss the importance of how the Permobil F5 VS provides the opportunity to stand without compromise through seating, programming, base performance, and durability.

New in connectivity: Permobil Connect and the MyPermobil App

We discuss how Permobil Connect can help with education, training, and service during our current climate of limited contact. We go over the Connect platform, how to activate a chair, the Fleet Management tool, and what is new for our consumers in the MyPermobil app.

TiLite solutions for a customized fit and successful outcome

This 1-hr webinar will discuss the full line of TiLite custom manual wheelchair solutions, and specialty custom options, available to maximize performance and meet each client’s unique needs.

Dual protection amid COVID-19: Infection control and skin & soft tissue protection

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, two major areas of concern surround the healthcare community: infection control to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and pressure injury management for individuals that are less mobile due to the illness or stay at home mandates.

Beyond exploration: What's the next step for pediatric seating and mobility

This product webinar pick-ups where the Explorer Mini ended. Amy Morgan, PT, ATP provides skilled guidance for selecting appropriate seating and mobility solutions as a child grows and initiates greater independence in the world. 

Maintaining your ride: Cushion and wheelchair care and maintenance

Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) requires attention, care, and maintenance to make sure it can perform to the highest capacity for each individual. The more that an individual can manage and take care of equipment, the longer it can last as well. 

Exploration made easy: Introducing the Permobil Explorer Mini

When providing a therapeutic intervention for our youngest clients, it is a well known that the earlier a child receives that intervention, the faster they can adapt, learn, and develop. The Permobil Explorer Mini is a developmental tool to assist in making this happen as quickly as possible.

Aging concerns: New solutions with today's technology

This webinar will focus on new technology solutions to seating/mobility problems related to aging and aging with a disability. Persons aging with a disability often experience accelerated onset of health, function and participation challenges that require proactive technology solutions. 

Mobility and the shoulder: A look into how Permobil products play a role in shoulder health, function, and independence

Reviewing the shoulder anatomy and physiology and discussing how the Permobil products – power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, manual wheelchairs, and power assist can directly impact shoulder health and function.

Understanding cushion properties with the help of ANSI/RESNA and ISO standards

Participants gain insight into standards committees such as ANSI/RESNA, CEN, and ISO. The webinar presents an overview of current standards and their relevance to client needs, market and regulatory requirements, and international clinical guidelines for pressure injury prevention.

The diversity of ROHO: How to apply the four fundamentals to all surfaces

This webinar educates participants to the four principles of ROHO® Dry Flotation Technology, and explain how specific ROHO® products can be utilized for activities outside of the wheelchair including bathing, toileting, sleeping, driving, and medical care treatments.

Navigating the funding maze: Process and resources for obtaining CRT

Accessing the most advanced technology is becoming more of a challenge with funding limitations and restrictions from all third-party payor sources. This webinar discusses how a clinician, equipment provider, and person using a mobility device can navigate these challenges and ensure access to their necessary equipment needs. 

Introducing the new PushTracker E2 for Permobil SmartDrive

The Permobil PushTracker E2 & SwitchControl for SmartDrive will allow more people to do more things with a SmartDrive. The PushTracker E2 is the new wearable, designed to bring modern, everyday technology to the SmartDrive experience. Improvements such as a stronger and more reliable Bluetooth connection and an easy to read touch screen make interacting with the SmartDrive easier than ever. 

Permobil seating solutions: How do I select the right sitting surface?

Learn how to pick the appropriate Permobil cushion for your client based on therapeutic and client-centered goals.

Reach for more with ActiveReach

Permobil ActiveReach is the combination of ActiveHeight (seat elevation) with anterior tilt, using smart actuators to optimally position the end-user for function and participation. This webinar examines best practice application of ActiveReach to facilitate optimal outcomes based on the ICF model, as well as end-user satisfaction. 

Permobil Corpus seating: Where function meets design

Ideally power wheelchair seating systems should adapt to meet the end-user’s specific needs and reduce secondary complications while maintaining clean aesthetics and durability over time. By the end of this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of the intentional design behind Permobil’s Corpus seating system

TiLite is made for you: How to achieve a tailored fit

This webinar covers how to achieve a tailored fit for a TiLite ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair, with insight from a current user. We discuss key measurements and outcomes of the fitting process.

It's more than a backrest: It's a back SUPPORT!

This webinar discusses the basics of how, when and why to use a Back Support System. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of how to correct or accommodate for an abnormal posture utilizing a back support in order to provide stability and function to meet specific client goals. 

ROHO: How the 'basics' keep working, changing and optimizing outcomes

Learn the basics of ROHO® seating and positioning technology and discover its many applications, beyond tissue viability and pressure injury management, through clinical case examples.

The power of SmartDrive: Discovering new possibilities

Learn how to customize the SmartDrive, discover alternative applications, and stay up-to-date on funding trends during our webinar.

Enabling independence through Bluetooth connectivity

Discover the no-cost Bluetooth® capabilities of the Permobil® Joystick Module standard on power wheelchairs. Get started with essential tools and case examples for various patient populations and scenarios.

Working smart: what can a smart wheelchair do for you

Leverage smart wheelchair technology to advance end-user outcomes, clinical practice, and data collection for manufacturers and providers.

Ready for takeoff: Design and application of a new pediatric manual wheelchair

This exciting webinar goes over the Permobil TiLite Pilot pediatric manual wheelchair from inception to utilization. Members from Permobil’s education, design, and engineering teams discuss the revolutionary pediatric wheelchair that can enhance function and utilization for our youngest TiLite riders.

Front wheel drive: Past, present, and future

Drive wheel configuration is one of the many critical decisions one has to make when completing a power wheelchair evaluation. This webinar discusses the intended use of front wheel drive configurations, the impact that front wheel drive can have on functional mobility and the influence of drive wheel placement when completing MRADLs. 

I want my patient to stand: Evaluation model and funding for standing power

Though standing is not a new concept in the world of CRT, the way we approach the evaluation and justification of integrated standing is. This webinar will give you the tools to assess the ideal candidate for power standing and strategies for streamlining the process of the trials, coverage, and deliveries!