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We’re ready to inspire you with what’s next.

Everything we do is inspired by our customers, and in turn we’re proud to share our latest creations with you. Check this page for our new products, new innovations and other insight into what we’re doing to improve lives.

A Parent's Perspective on the Explorer Mini: An Introduction

Part 1 in our series about one family's experience with the Explorer Mini. 

When Mike and Sandy's daughter Sylvia was about three months old, she was...

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Rolling Wisely: How To Mindfully Move With A Spinal Cord Injury

When describing how I manage and live with a spinal cord injury, I often use the term "mindful movement." I have come to understand that I must be...

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A thief gave me the world

This week we're pleased to feature Robbie Vance and his uplifting account of how getting his power wheelchair opened the door to opportunities and...

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The Benefits of Standing for a Wheelchair User

Part 2 in our series focusing on wheelchair solutions for Veterans. See Part 1 here. For more information on Standing Wheelchairs, check out Landon's...

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Come Roll with Me: Increasing Community Awareness of People with Disabilities

One of the best ways to raise community awareness of any issue is to start early and teach the children. Cathy Carver, a PT and seating specialist at...

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National Veterans Wheelchair Games 2018

Permobil was honored to volunteer and support the 38th annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games competition held July 30 through August 4th, in...

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Wheelchair Travel Checklist

Disclaimer: The following travel tips are for informational reference only. Permobil does not make any clinical, operational or warranty claims about...

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Eric LeGrand Travel Tips Video


As summer is fast approaching, traveling for vacation while in a wheelchair can be really stressful. We've worked with Eric LeGrand to come up with...

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Permobil Connect: How it Promotes your Good Health

Part 2 in our series where we take a deeper look at the Permobil Connect. See part 1 here.


How can a power wheelchair promote health? Well, if we...

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Permobil Connect: An Introduction

Part 1 in our series where we take a deeper look at the Permobil Connect.

 Permobil Connect: An Introduction 

Let’s face it: we live in a connected...

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