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Permobil Blog / May 1, 2018

Permobil Connect: My Permobil User App


Part 5 in our series where we take a deeper look at the Permobil Connect. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.


The past few weeks we have looked at the benefits of having a connected power wheelchair to promote best health as well as being pro active rather than reactive with maintenance. Today let’s look at how a connected wheelchair can help you maximize use and function in your daily life.



My Permobil App Features

My Permobil is an app that gives you all kinds of information about your chair, and it has you, the user, in mind. This app is your go-to place for wheelchair information, battery details, seat details, and distance details.


Chair Information

My Chair.png

In the Chair Information section of the app, you have easy access to your wheelchair serial number and specifications to improve communication with your dealer’s service technicians and healthcare providers. There is also a List System Log that categorizes fault codes so you can more easily determine if a system code is simply for your information, or if a warning/error requires service attention. This again gives you peace of mind that your maintenance is being taken care of.

A more personal feature is included here: Give Feedback. This allows you, the user, to provide feedback to the actual manufacturer, Permobil, about your current chair and even provide suggestions for future improvements. This allows you to have a voice in how we can continually improve our products to help improve users’ lives!


Battery Details and Distance Details

Battery Usage.pngDistance.png

Most power wheelchair users develop charging habits right away. The Battery Details section of the app allows you to see if your charging habits are maximizing your chair’s driving range. At a glance you can see your weekly and monthly battery charging cycles, which can tell you whether a small change in habits will give you a greater driving range during the day. This information is also useful to share with the service technicians, if you ever experience issues with your chair.

The Distance Details section of the app can provide you even more information regarding your chair’s distance capabilities as well as what your day to day requirements are based on your lifestyle and responsibilities. It provides a snapshot of Weekly Distance and Monthly Distance that you travel, which can further help you gauge your battery charging habits for your travel range.


Seat Details


The Seat Details portion of the app gives you a snapshot of your Weekly and Monthly Actuators Adjustments. It provides a visual reminder of how frequently you are repositioning as well as representing the positions you are moving into. This again gives you information that will help in your discussions with your healthcare provider. For example, if you are experiencing pain or redness on the buttocks, you can quickly go to this section of the app and show your healthcare provider your weekly and monthly activity. This may then lead to a justification for another seat function, or it may mean that there is a need for more clinical coaching.


Permobil Connect and My Permobil were designed to empower you to have the information you need at your fingertips, to get the most out of your power wheelchair. Ask your dealer or healthcare provider how you can have a connected wheelchair and take advantage of the ways we can maximize your health, simplify wheelchair maintenance, and optimize your wheelchair capabilities. Get Connected!


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Stacey Mullis, OTR/ATP
Director of Clinical Marketing

Stacey is Director of Clinical Marketing. She graduated from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada with a BA Linguistics and BSc Occupational Therapy and has practiced as an OTR for over 20 years. With experience in pediatrics, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, long term care, and home health, Stacey has faced the challenges first hand of providing appropriate seating in various clinical settings. This led her to pursue an apprenticeship at Care Partners Seating Clinic in Asheville, NC to advance her skills, and she obtained her ATP certification in 2012. Mullis is a member of the NCOTA, CTF, NRRTs, RESNA, and AOTA. 

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