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Champions on Wheels

Empowering dreams, defying limits

Meet our Champions on Wheels

Celebrate the power of adapted sports with Permobil


At Permobil, we embrace the world of adapted sports as a catalyst for empowerment. We believe in enabling individuals to take control of their lives with confidence and that's why, for the past 57 years, we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology and solutions for power and manual wheelchairs, enriching the lives of people with mobility impairments.

Looking forward to a Summer full of adaptive sports, we see this as an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and champion athletes of all abilities. Permobil takes pride in sharing inspiring stories that fuel our daily motivation, encouraging the active participation of our users in the world of adapted sports.

At Permobil, our mission is to empower dreams and defy limits. Join us in recognizing our Champions on Wheels - individuals who exemplify the indomitable spirit of perseverance and triumph over challenges. 

Ditte Eliza Ladager

Introducing Ditte, a determined 35-year-old woman from Denmark who navigates life with strength and resilience in her manual wheelchair. With her sights set on the 10-meter and 50-meter rifle events, Ditte is actively engaged in the world of competitive shooting.  Join us in supporting Ditte on her inspiring journey as she aims for excellence and the thrill of competition on a grand stage!

Conrad Hildebrand

Meet Conrad Hildebrand, a 28-year-old Bachelor of Science from Sweden. Once among Sweden's top swimmers, at 16 a parkour injury left him paralysed. Undeterred, Conrad transitioned to parasports, excelling as a wheelchair rugby player. Now, he's back in the swimming pool training to qualify in para swimming. Applaud Conrad's unwavering spirit as he charts new waters! 

Anaïs Vincent

As a former rock climber and marathon runner, 23-year-old Anaïs from France has always embraced sports. After a climbing accident left her paralyzed, she turned to handbiking where her dedication and skill earned her double bronze at the 2023 World Championships. Now, with determination and the hope of reaching Paris this summer, Anaïs invites you to follow her journey as she conquers new summits.

Verena Schott

34-year-old Verena from Germany dove into the world of swimming at the age of eight. At 13, her life took a turn when a traffic accident resulted in incomplete paraplegia. Undeterred, Verena embraced para swimming. Her journey has been marked by numerous medals, including a gold triumph at the 2019 World Para Swimming Allianz Championships in London. Verena aims for Paris this summer and we eagerly anticipate following her inspiring journey in para swimming.

Nicolas Savant-Aira

Nicolas, a 43-year-old from France born with spinal bifida, has been in a wheelchair most of his life. His journey in wheelchair table tennis began at the age of 11 and Nicolas has since achieved remarkable results. His accomplishments include securing a gold medal at the European Championships. Now, Nicolas is training to qualify for Paris later this year. Stay tuned for the inspiring story of Nicolas as he continues to excel in the world of table tennis.