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Permobil Blog / March 31, 2021

Permobil and the VA: It's Personal

This blog is part of our Permobil + LUCI series that highlights Permobil’s exclusive partnership with LUCI within Veteran Affairs rehabilitation clinics, as well as Permobil’s ongoing commitment to the VA. See part 1. 


Today, we have Eli Lovell and Tav Green joining us, both Territory Sales Managers for PermobilThey each bring a unique background and perspective to serving veterans, some of which we will be sharing here today! 

Eli works closely with VA facilities in West Virginia and Virginia including the Beckley VA, Salem VA, and Richmond VA. In addition, he is a veteran himself having served as a combat medic in Iraq with the Army.  

Twins Seth and Eli LovellEli Lovell (right) with his twin brother

Tav is also a veteran who served as a USAF staff sergeant, working as an aircraft electrician and cryogenic technician. He worked as an occupational therapist in the Assistive Technology Lab/Mobility Clinic at Audie Murphy Medical Center (San Antonio VA) prior to joining Permobil where he continues to work closely with the VA.  

Tav flight deck of C-5B aircraft in maintenance HangarTav Green

Both having served in the military, Eli and Tav bring an unwavering commitment to the veterans they now serve in their roles at PermobilAccording to Eli, “Serving in the Army taught me many valuable lessons…for one, it gives me a unique perspective on the sacrifices that veterans have made in service to our country, and allows me a level of connectedness to them while working together to ensure they have the best equipment for their mobility needs.  

According to Tav, “in military service and equally in the VA, you learn to be flexible, adapt your strategy to the mission/problem as it unfolds, and to never compromise—in this case—the veteran’s outcome!" 

When asked why it is important to provide technically advanced solutions to our veterans, they both referenced Permobil’s commitment to innovation. According to Eli, “We believe strongly in giving our veterans the best when it comes to complex rehab technology, and so we must always strive to keep up with the best technologies available." An example of this is Permobil’s partnership with LUCI.  

Tav put it well when he said, “LUCI is a leap forward in advanced drive technology that opens doors to allow [more] veterans…an opportunity at power mobility. It also allows existing power wheelchair users who may be nervous driving in unfamiliar environments or within crowds a new level of confidence.”  

Perhaps most telling was their answers to the question, what is your favorite thing about working with the VA and our veterans? Tav said, “Providing the highest of quality and most advanced technology without the battle of “funding and reimbursement” that we face in the private sector.  Even more so, I love the camaraderie. Being able to sometimes participate in a little interservice rivalry or light banter will quickly bring a smile to a veterans face. 

Eli highlighted the fact that within the VA, Permobil is a direct provider, “Allowing us to be an integral part of the teamgives me fulfilment through the important and vital services we provide to such an important population.”   

Thank you to Eli and Tav for their service, and for sharing their experiences and perspectives. Through their examples, you can see that Permobil works hard daily to serve those that served us!  

Learn more about Permobil’s commitment to the VA here

Contact your Permobil representative today. 

Watch the Permobil and LUCI webinar


Angela-Regier_ClinicalAngela Regier, OTD, OTR/L, ATP/SMS
Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Power Products

Angela Regier received both her undergraduate health sciences degree and Doctor of Occupational Therapy from Creighton University and is a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS). She has focused her career on neurorehabilitation, both inpatient and outpatient settings, specializing in wheelchair seating and mobility. She has published and speaks on the topic of seating and mobility for acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury. She is passionate about the importance of clinicians being actively involved in the provision of complex rehab technologies in order to maximize independent mobility and functional outcomes. Angela joined Permobil in 2017 as a Clinical Education Manager in the western region and is currently the Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager for Power Products, working closely with product management and the sales team to bring new products to market.


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