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Permobil Blog / October 6, 2020

Permobil’s new ROHO® Hybrid Select cushion breaks boundaries as an all-in-one seating solution

Permobil’s new ROHO® Hybrid Select cushion breaks boundaries as an all-in-one seating solution

Adaptable to meet the changing needs of wheelchair users, this advanced hybrid wheelchair cushion with both air and foam elements has a removable IT insert to provide offloading capabilities.

Belleville, IL, Oct. 5, 2020 – Permobil demonstrates its continued commitment to seating and positioning innovation with today’s launch of the ROHO® Hybrid Select cushion. It is the first new cushion since Permobil acquired ROHO, and brings foam and air technology together with optional offloading to benefit wheelchair users.


“No other product on the market can achieve all these health benefits: a positioning cushion that offers skin protection, has optional offloading without adding accessories or wedges, plus the stability and support of foam leg troughs,” says Teresa Ellison, director of product marketing for Permobil’s seating and positioning segment in the Americas. “The ROHO® Hybrid Select is an all-in-one seating solution, and the development team at ROHO has created an exclusive offloading air cell and foam cushion which has never been done before.”

For individuals in wheelchairs, this ability to offload the pressure under their ischial tuberosities (ITs) or sit bones to a larger surface area can help in preventing skin breakdown.

“The ergonomic design of the ROHO® Hybrid Select cushion features a contoured foam base for stability and easier transfers, plus the unique design and application of ROHO air cells,” explains Conor Sullivan, regional product manager for Permobil’s seating and positioning segment in the Americas. “ROHO is renowned for its skin and soft tissue protection, and this cushion allows the pelvis to be immersed in air which shapes to the individual and moves with them. Then, by simply removing the IT insert, they can experience the relief of offloading, and put it back in when needed.”

While people usually associate offloading cushions with a firmer surface, the marriage of air cells and foam allows the Hybrid Select to provide flexibility and forgiveness that other offloading cushions do not. Meanwhile, the uniquely shaped base made of high resiliency foam has deep leg troughs and also provides relief to the coccyx/tailbone.


Positioning capabilities for this hybrid cushion are achieved by utilizing the integrated ISOFLO® Memory Control to set the amount of air in the two separate ROHO elements: the overlay across the back two-thirds of the cushion, and the removable IT insert in the center. This locks the right amount of air where it’s needed for optimum support and relief. In fact, the overlay is fed by two separate tubes allowing for the inflation levels of the left and right sides to be adjusted as needed, and partial offloading can also be achieved.

“For anyone that has skin protection and positioning needs that may change over time, the Hybrid Select cushion would be a great product to consider,” states Angela Regier, OTD, OTR/L, ATP, clinical education manager at Permobil. “The inherent adjustability available with air, along with the ISOFLO Memory Control and the option to offload, allow the cushion to adapt to address the changing needs of the individual.”

Those familiar with ROHO cushions will notice that the air cells in the Hybrid Select look different from ROHO’s standard 4-finned cells. They were inspired by ROHO’s Hybrid Elite cushion, but this new design has been specifically crafted to work with the deeper curves of the Hybrid Select foam base. Yet it’s the same proven DRY FLOATATION® technology that ROHO has used for over 45 years. 

The Hybrid Select cushion is now widely available for demonstrations and purchase.

Learn more about the Hybrid Select cushion here: https://hub.permobil.com/roho-hybrid-select

ROHO Hybrid Select


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