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Permobil Blog / December 13, 2017

I'll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair

Completing the 500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across the mountainous region of Northern Spain is challenging for most people. In 2014, two best friends, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray completed the pilgrimage in just 35 days. The biggest obstacle? For the past 20+ years Justin has suffered from a progressive neurological disorder, slowly taking away his ability to use his arms and legs. So, when Justin asked Patrick about his thoughts on attempting this monumental pilgrimage he simply replied, “I’ll Push You.”



Camino de Santiago.jpg


Encountering three mountain ranges, several rivers, along with equipment malfunctions, Patrick and Justin made their own wheelchair accessible adventure. “I’ve never been that depleted physically in my entire life” Patrick said. Traveling from Southern France to Western Spain, the BFF’s met people from 27 different countries and “experienced community the way it was supposed to be experienced,” said Justin. During their travels, a support team grew around them and developed into something they never imagined. Dozens of strangers paused their own pilgrimage to help these two accomplish their goal and even help carry Justin up a mountain. They experienced the amazing power of community and now want to spread that message to the world. 




Since returning home, Justin and Patrick have taken the lessons learned and turned them into an extremely inspirational book and movie. They want people to hear their story and walk away recognizing each life is not defined by its limitations, but is defined by what is accomplished in spite of those limitations. They also founded Push Inc. to help organizations and individuals realize they can achieve more together. 


This week we were honored and humbled to meet Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck at our Milwaukee office/production facility. After we heard Justin used our M2 cushion for their journey, we couldnt wait to set him up with more equipment. Their sense of love, faith and friendship is truly inspiring to us all. “The Bromance is real” said Alain Poma our media production specialist, adding “We were constantly laughing and joking around, you could tell these guys really cared about each other.” We‘re eager to cross paths with these two on their next adventure! If you want more information on their amazing story make sure to watch their movie releasing 12/15 here and if you want to connect with Justin and Patrick make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their handle is @illpushyou. 


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