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Permobil Blog / January 20, 2015

Gerber Amputee Support Alternative

As many of us within the industry know, Gerber Chair Mates has announced that they are no longer in business.  Although Gerber was a competitor to our amputee support it is very unfortunate to see a good company have to close its doors because of Competitive Bidding. Ultimately, we want to make sure the consumer is provided the equipment needed to optimize their living situation.  We would like to take the opportunity to offer the following review of our Amputee support by ATP Jonathan Biggers...


Proper support for below the knee amputee patients is of paramount importance. Because there is no lower extremity support provided by the foot on a footrest there is now pressure from the weight of the stump pulling down on the trochanter creating greater pressure on the popliteal area. A properly fitted amputee support will help to promote circulation needed for healing or the long-term health of the residual stump by lowering the pressure placed upon it when unsupported. This support will also help the patient to remain properly positioned in the seating system to help prevent pressure issues throughout the rest of the seated surface.

The Comfort Company’s amputee support line is made to work with the existing chair frames and cushions already in use. They are easy to order and install due to their adjustability and adaptability to wheelchair tubing sizes and cushion heights without additional hardware. They are made to work on either side of the wheelchair and are easily removed for transfers. They are angle adjustable to meet the patients need to change positions throughout their day depending on their needs or comfort level. 

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Jonathan Biggers, ATP 

Categories: Complex Rehab

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