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Wound Care Guide

Providing a resource for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries

By Ana Endsjo MOTR/L, CLT


he purpose of this Wound Care Guide is to create a RESOURCE that fosters a more wholistic approach to the management of pressure injuries by simultaneously treating supine and seating postures. Our goal is to give a better understanding of the critical role appropriate wheelchair configurations and equipment choices play in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. After reading this guide, you as a Health Care Provider will be able to:

  • 1

    Identify the role wheelchair support surfaces play in the prevention and healing of a pressure injury

  • 2

    Ensure simultaneous consideration of BOTH supine and seated postures in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries by addressing pressure, shear, and microclimate

  • 3

    Define each team member's role in prescribing and obtaining the appropriate wheelchair models, skin protection cushions, back supports, and accessories to minimize the risk of and assist in the healing of existing pressure injuries