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Exclusive promotions for veterans

We are proud to offer the promotions to all veterans at no charge.

The 2024 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

We look forward to the 2024 National Veterans Wheelchair Games scheduled to be held in New Orleans, LA on July 25-30, 2024.

Permobil proudly supports

National Veterans Wheelchair Games

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games is co-presented between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America. The Games serve Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Amputations and other central neurological impairments with the goal to increase their independence, healthy activity and quality of life through wheelchair sports and recreation. 

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members – veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.

Permobil Foundation

As the philanthropic arm of Permobil, the Permobil Foundation believes that regardless of disability, everyone deserves a chance to reach their dreams without limitations. No person should be excluded from opportunity due to a disability.  Independent mobility is a basic human right. This is the heart of why Permobil Cares.

I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division Aviation at first, and then I was stationed at what we call the Jump Master School, which is Advanced Airborne School. I just fell in love with the mission. I fell in love with the comradery. I fell in love with my chain of command.

Centra "CeCe" Mazyck,

US Army Veteran

I am happy I joined the Navy though because I loved it. I served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, completed two deployments, and appreciated the experiences I had serving alongside my fellow sailors. If I could go back in right now, I definitely would.

Corey "Pheez" Lee,

Rapper, producer, and podcast host

I learned that no one was going to advocate on my behalf, no one will give me ten step plan or guide to follow, that it'd be up to me to be my best and up to me to find a way forward.


Nonprofit executive director

Permobil product highlights

M Corpus VS
TiLite CR1
SmartDrive MX2+

Share your story

Join us as we honor the incredible stories of our Veterans as we pay tribute to those who sacrificed for our great nation.. If you utilize any of our Permobil products (Permobil, TiLite, SmartDrive, ROHO, Comfort, or Tru-Shape), we invite you to share your story with us.