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A TiLite Balanced Ride

TiLite ultra-lightweight manual wheelchairs are designed to be a balanced extension of you. A balanced ride empowers you and your potential by providing a lightweight, durable and individualized configuration.

Why a balanced ride matters and how to find it

We conducted a survey to learn more about what matters when choosing an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair. Nearly 400 respondents told us that lightweight, durability, and configuration are the top characteristics considered when selecting an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair. 


Would you like to learn more about the what the survey taught us or on why finding a balanced ride is important when selecting your ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair? Click the button below.  

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Where to start

What’s really important in a manual wheelchair? Finding the right one can be confusing, and knowing where to start is half the battle. Permobil’s new product selector guide for TiLite helps you get to what you’re looking for faster!

Finding a balanced ride

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Material Science Involved in Finding a Balance Ride 

Frame material choice plays a pivotal role in how someone finds a Balanced Ride in an ultra-lightweight manual wheelchair. It is key because frame choice affects the lightweight, durability, and configuration characteristics of a manual wheelchair. A more in-depth understanding of the materials and their specific application can improve consumer confidence and clinical decision making. 

FM - Material3

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For more information contact a representative at 800-736-0925 or find a provider / retailer near you.

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