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Your New Permobil Power Wheelchair is Ready...How to Fine-Tune the Settings For You

This webinar will focus on the technical, programming and display parameters that are important to set up during or shortly after the dispense of a new Permobil power wheelchair.

Programming parameters such as speeds and rates, to ensure safe driving, memory seat functions to provide a quick and easy way to find those functional ‘sweet spots’ in seating, and things like the date/time, trip mileage odometer and short-cut softkeys will all be reviewed. The clinical and functional reasons for these adjustments will be discussed and the technical ‘how-to’ of programming the functions will be demonstrated and discussed. Fine tuning the settings for each individual client is possible and important to complete to ensure that each person has the safest, most efficient, and best outcome using all of the unique features of Permobil power products.

Brenlee Mongul-Rotman, ATP/SMS, National Clinical Education Manager – Canada
Stuart Denny, Technical Educator – Canada

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