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Introducing the Permobil Consumer Guide: A resource to navigate equipment selection

This webinar will highlight a new educational resource: The Wheelchair Handbook: A consumer's guide to seating and mobility equipment

Permobil has a long-standing history of meeting the needs of our consumers with product innovation, customer service, and educational resources. It is critical that the people who use our seating and mobility equipment have access to information about the products that they are selecting. This webinar will highlight a new educational resource: the Permobil Consumer Guide. You will hear how the Permobil Consumer Guide can provide talking points about advocacy, your right to choose your own equipment, who the team members are who will be assisting you, and how the evaluation may occur. We will also give examples of specific equipment examples and how that function or component may have an impact on health, function and social engagement*. The Permobil Consumer Guide hopes to empower each individual with unique needs to know their options and feel more confident in asking for what they need and want. Whether you are getting your first wheelchair or your fourth, making your way through the world of mobility equipment can be confusing. That's why we've been working hard to create a guide that can help you navigate the equipment selection process, explain product features, configurations, and accessories. We've also included a variety of resources on funding, reimbursement, and maintenance. The more you can prepare yourself ahead of time, the easier it will be to have conversations with your doctor, occupational or physical therapist and your equipment provider. We will also be joined by Amy Burnett, Team USA Para Athlete, Para Badminton and Permobil Foundation Board Member. She will share with us how she works with other consumers to better understand how they are in charge of the equipment process. 

*The information that will be shared from this document is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be billing or legal advice. The information provided does not guarantee funding from any source. For coverage information, verify the policy of the appropriate provider.

Note: Since this entire webinar is discussing a specific product, according to CEU/CCU guidelines, no CEU/CCU education credits can be issued

Jennith Bernstein, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, Senior Manager, Clinical and Technical Education
Amy Burnett, Team USA Para Athlete, Para Badminton and Permobil Foundation Board Member

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