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The Inception Cushion

Create custom with confidence

Dream it
Try it
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Once I got this cushion, I was just living, which was great. I just felt it, I guess when you find the right one, it just it works.


Social media specialist, graphic designer, sunshine enthusiast

Permobil celebrates 10 years of the Inception Cushion: now with new options!

When you're looking for the cushion that you don't think exists the Inception Cushion is your custom solution. By selecting positioning or skin protection components you can create exactly what you need. Fully customizable with:


new ROHO® inserts 

• High quality foam

• Positioning accessories

• Gel inserts


Combine your selections to design the cushion you've dreamed of.


Learn more


Dream it

Unlock custom seating like never before. If you've ever wanted to combine parts and pieces from other cushions, to make the one you actually need, you've come to the right place. Your imagination is your limit when choosing from stability, positioning, and skin protection materials. 


Try it

Assess it in real time. Start by layering the high quality foams and accessories from the bottom up with the Inception Simulation Kit. Then sit on it, feel it, and pressure map it. If the design isn't working, adjust the way you built it and try again.


Be confident

Finding the right fit and being comfortable throughout the day is our goal. Be inspired to live your life with the Inception.

Order it

When the user, clinician, and provider work together, the best outcomes are achieved. Use the online Inception Configurator or order forms to select each individual option for the cushion. We've made the process simpler, so that you can feel confident. Custom doesn't have to be complicated.


Configure your Inception


How to customize the Inception

Check out the videos below to get started with the Inception Simulation Kit


Inception Simulation Kit: Product Overview
Inception Simulation Kit: Sample Build Video

Inception Resources


Will insurance pay for a custom cushion?

Every insurance policy is different. However, Custom Seating and Positioning products are often covered if you meet the funding criteria. Check out our funding guide for more information.

I want to try an Inception cushion, how can I do that?

Every Inception cushion is different because every individual is unique! Our Permobil Reps and Clinical Educators have the Inception Simulation Kit available to try all the parts and pieces, to make a simulated cushion before ordering it. Find your team here.

What kind of ROHO inserts can I put in the Inception cushion?

We now offer two ROHO insert options: the Low Profile (2.25” high) and the Mid Profile (3.25” high), both with a single valve. Either of these can be used to provide pressure redistribution.

Can I order an Inception cushion in a pediatric sizes?

Yes! We can make cushions as small as 8” x 8”, just contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Can I order an Inception cushion larger than 24” wide?

Yes! We can make cushions >24” wide, just contact us to discuss what you are looking for.

Custom Seating Funding Guide
Custom Inception Cushion Guide
Inception Cushion Long Order Form
Inception Cushion Short Order Form

Our product experts are here to help ensure a seamless experience

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Our product experts are here to help ensure a seamless experience

Find a sales rep close to you

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