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Permobil Clinical Pathways

We are excited to announce our 2024 in-person courses. Please click to watch our video, learn more about what the pathways are - and download the course catalog.

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The Permobil Pathways were designed by experienced clinicians for clinicians. As a team, we believe that these courses will provide you with the ideal level of education based on your experience and clinician practice.

Whilst each course is open to all, it is recommended that you choose a stream of courses and complete these prior to moving up to the next level as the knowledge and skills build upon each other.

There are three pathways for learning: Green, Blue and Gold.

The Green path is designed for new graduates or therapists who have not prescribed wheelchairs and seating on a regular basis. These courses will build your assessment and prescription skills and give you a solid foundation.

The Blue pathway is designed for therapists who prescribe wheelchairs and seating on a semi-regular basis and feel as though that have their foundation skills and are seeking to upskill and learn about wheelchairs in seating in further details and apply concepts to more complex users.

Finally, the Gold pathway is designed for very experienced therapists who prescribe wheelchairs and seating on a regular basis and are seeking specific education on topics such as pediatrics, materials science and complex seating assessments.

We are so excited to bring you these new courses and hope that you get a lot out of them! Should you have any questions along the way, please feel free to reach out to one of the Clinical Services team members. We can’t wait to see you in a course and complete a Pathway!

Green Pathway


Why Does It Matter? Introduction to wheeled mobility and seating assessments

To Get Around On Any Ground: What’s the methodology when scripting assistive technology?

Under Pressure

Funding 101 – Ensuring evidence to support outcomes

The Mechanical Assessment Tool: A hands on practical session

Blue Pathway


Peeling Back the Layers: The anatomy of a seating system, the science behind the design

Your manual into manual wheelchair scripting

Scripting Power Assist Devices: Gain independence with some power assistance

Power Seat Functions and Drive Wheel Configurations: Endless possibilities with powered mobility

Let kids be kids: Empowering children through mobility

Gold Pathway


Going the distance: Why Power Wheelchair inner workings make a difference

Isolating your cushion choice with ISO standards. Making sense of the numbers and letters

Standing Power Wheelchairs: From evidence to trial

Download Pathway Catalog


Green Pathway



Blue Pathway



Gold Pathway