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Coverage Criteria and Justification Guides

How-to guide on Medicare criteria for seating & positioning HCPCS codes and justifications


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a resource that could help you navigate the tricky world of Medicare reimbursements? These three Coverage Criteria and Justification guides walk you through Medicare criteria and sample justifications for seating surfaces, back supports and accessories. 

E2605/E2606 Positioning Seat Support Surface Sample Justification:
The positioning feature is necessary to correct (accommodate) his posterior pelvic tilt and spinal kyphosis by preventing forward migration of the pelvis and providing a solid support. This will:

1. Improve his seated balance to facilitate independence with ADLs / IADLs (list specific ADLs / IADLs)

2. Decrease risk of pressure injuries on his coccyx/sacrum

3. Prevent recurrence (progression) of his posterior pelvic tilt and spinal kyphosis


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