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How does a manual wheelchair grow with my child?

 Part 4 in our series looking at pediatric independent manual mobility. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


Our discussion thus far has focused on the...

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Wheelchair Travel Checklist

Disclaimer: The following travel tips are for informational reference only. Permobil does not make any clinical, operational or warranty claims about any...

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The Functional Assessment: Justifying the Need for Wheeled Mobility Part 1

Part 9 in our series A to Z Considerations for Seating & Wheeled Mobility: A Quick Reference Clarifying Confusion Around CRT. See Part 1Part 2, Part 3, ...

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Common Misconceptions About Independent Manual Wheelchair Use with Children


Today we’re continuing our theme of early mobility options for children. Last week we introduced the manual wheelchair options, dependent (strollers)...

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Allowing for Independent Mobility: Choosing Manual Wheelchairs Over Strollers



Last week I introduced the idea of effective early mobility. This refers to a child’s ability to independently navigate and explore his or her...

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Intro to Pediatric Wheelchairs: A Look at Effective Early Mobility Solutions

As parents, our mission is to provide our children with what they need to thrive and develop into their best selves. When my kids were babies, I was...

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