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Advocate for More

Breaking news: CMS update for seat elevation
Learn more: power standing
Learn more: power seat elevation
At Permobil, we innovate for individuals. Ensuring the individuals who need our products have access to them is essential. We work closely with complex rehab technology (CRT) stakeholders including advocacy organizations, consumer groups, and equipment providers on important issues. Please join us in advocating for more. Your voice matters!

Potential medical benefits of standing

Spasticity Control: Standing and weight bearing can have the effect of normalizing tone which may lead to increased function.


Pain Reduction: Standing may allow easier access for reaching items throughout the day, which may decrease the risk of repetitive strain injury in the upper extremities.


Urinary/ Bowel improvement: Standing may reduce the incidence of UTI’s and kidney stones by reducing the effects of gravity, and constipation or bowel accidents may be reduced as standing improves the efficiency of the colon.


Range of Motion Improvement: Coming to a standing position involves stretching muscles that have been shortened in the seated position. Standing can allow for a prolonged stretch which may help with minimizing the risk of contractures.


Cardiovascular/Respiratory Improvement: By changing positions and utilizing the standing function frequently throughout the day, it may improve respirations and circulation.


Pressure Management: We see the most pressure reduction at the seated bony prominences when in standing or full recline. Standing provides pressure reduction while allowing for function at the same time.


Bone Mineral Density: Shorter, more frequent standing has been shown to help increase bone mineral density. A standing wheelchair allows for these “intervals” of standing throughout the day as opposed to using a standing frame that is static


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Potential benefits of seat elevation

• Facilitate vertical reach to promote independence with daily activities

• Protect upper extremities to reduce risk of repetitive strain injury related to overhead reaching

• Help improve safety and independence with transfers

• Allow eye contact with others reducing risk of cervical strain

• Provide psycho-social benefits of being on peer level and speaking eye-to-eye

• Promote enhanced safety with increased visibility in the community


What is ActiveHeight™?

ActiveHeight™ is a dynamic seat elevation option on Permobil M & F-Series Corpus and Corpus VS models.



What makes ActiveHeight™ unique?


ActiveHeight provides up to 14" of seat elevation and up to 10° of ActiveReach™ for no additional charge. Featuring 3 points of contact and a 3.5” rearward shift as the system elevates, experience maximum stability, a more compact footprint, and get closer to what matters.


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"Every person has the right to have his or her disability compensated as far as possible by aids with the same technical standard as those we all use in our everyday lives." - Per Uddén, Permobil Founder

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At Permobil, we are passionate about what we do and strive to put the individuals who use our products first. Since 1977, Permobil power standing has enabled thousands of individuals to stand for more. Join them.

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Download the US Corpus brochure

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